Ink pen drawings 4.5 x 3 cm

Each of these little drawings fits into a matchbox and I often draw these in situ. Some of them I go back to and refine, occasionally adding colour when the image is confusing without. These drawings may be small but they certainly don’t lack in detail!

image of a matchbox with small drawings inside and an ink pen to demonstrate the size of the drawings
The matchbox with corresponding small ink drawings, together with my favourite tool, an architectural ink pen by Rotring. The pen has a 0.25 mm nib, making these small drawings possible in the first place.

Urban Sketching



Navigation image for all items in the shop with the Art Nouveau Mermaid illustration.

If you want to see my mermaid illustrations for MerMay 2023 please click on this link (Mermay 2023 Portfolio) for a PDF Portfolio.

If you want to check out some of the designs as stickers or tote bags please have a look at my RedBubble account. You can follow the link here: RedBubble.

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